Laigo’s APIs utilize API Keys for user authentication, ensuring secure access to our REST APIs. The API Key, which is a unique string identifier, is included in the request URL or header to validate the identity of the user making the API call.

To obtain your API Key, follow the instructions provided in the section Create your API key. It’s worth noting that a single API Key can be used for multiple APIs in the API store, including Invoices API, Receipts API, and more.

To successfully authenticate your API requests, it is mandatory to include a valid API Key using a custom HTTP Authorization header. Requests without proper authentication will not be processed.

For added flexibility, you have the ability to create multiple API Keys within the API Key section for each API as per your requirements.

Note: You can use a single API key for any of the off-the-shelf APIs; for example, you can use the same API key to access the Invoices API, Receipts API, or any other off-the-shelf APIs from the API store

					Authorization: Bearer <my-apikey-here>

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