Laigo’s REST API endpoints are specific points of entry used to make requests. To use any of smartTools API, you first need to have an account. If you don’t have an account, you can create here.

If you have an account then you can create your API token key, which can be done following the steps on API page.

Once you’re authenticated and you have the API token, then you can use any of Laigo’s Endpoints which are listed on the table below.

smartTool Description Link
The latest technology which can extract text from images, using state of the art Computer Vision and NLP approaches.
This tool helps you to organize your work desk. Use the smartClassify API to sort out which document belongs where. Simply automate it.
SmartClassifyPlus provides a flexible and powerful document classification solution. It can be used as a part of any IDP system
The smartInvoice tool is a robust tool for extracting data from invoices. With this application, you can easily extract the most important information from your invoices, like receiver informations, sender informations, IBAN, invoice date etc.
The smartReceipt tool will digitalize and help you to organize all your receipts, whether you are the customer or the client. This function will provide you all useful details (receipt number, date, types of payment, items, orders, amount, etc) by extracting customized key fields from your uploaded file.

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